Composite from Scratch in Photoshop Like a Pro

Watch Photoshop design pro, Shaun Ryken, in action as he uses the PixelSquid Photoshop extension to build a full composition nearly from scratch! Shaun uses a myriad of PixelSquid objects to create his underwater fantasy titled, Game Changer. Check out the videos below where we’ve marked some important steps in Shaun’s design process.

Want to follow along? Many of the objects Shaun uses in the tutorial are free for a limited time:

PixelSquid Extension Overview:

A note on lighting direction:

Blending colors with a clipping mask:

Highlighting and shadows:

Layering objects cohesively:

Blending, color adjusting, and lighting with the Diving Helmet object:

Additional Diving Helmet adjustments:

Skewing the Snorkel object to create a breathing tube:

Adding bubble effects:

Adding the fish at varying depths of focus:

Camera Raw processing:

High Pass- sharpening highlights:

Adding the finishing touches:

Here’s the final image!


Shaun Ryken is a PixelSquid Partner, mental health advocate, and design influencer who says he is, “built to inspire, empower and encourage world change through design.”

His passion for design has influenced his severe anxiety disorder toward a positive path, and he encourages other designers focus on their passion, stay dedicated and keep grinding.

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