Designer Spotlight: Daniela Owergoor

My name is Daniela Owergoor, I’ve been working in Brazil as a digital artist since 2005 and a freelance book cover designer since 2010. I found PixelSquid last year through Deviantart after another artist posted an artwork with credits to site. I went to check it out and I was amazed – love at first sight!  I joined immediately. PixelSquid has really helped me improve the my art due to the high-quality of the objects and by also giving me the ability to rotate the images to make them fit in the necessary perspective for the creation of my work. I’m really glad to have found this amazing site!

Check out some of the artwork I’ve created using PixelSquid objects:

“Doctor Mess!”  (I used 11 images to create):

Mad Scientist” (I used 7 PS’s objects)

Thank you so much PixelSquid!


If you’re an artist and you’d like to show off your work with PixelSquid, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to drop us a line or send us a message on Twitter.

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