How PixelSquid Has Improved Mosaic’s Workflow

Mosaic is an experiential marketing agency with activations at retail spaces, music festivals, pop up shops and even on the streets. Mosaic uses PixelSquid 3D content to help bring their environmental renderings to life. With multiple offices in the US and Canada, Mosaic’s integrated sales and marketing agency builds programs that engage consumers across four divisions: retail, experiential, shopper and content.

When asked how PixelSquid has been helpful to Mosaic’s success, Nick Pilon, Mosaic’s Design Director for the Design Hub had this to say:

PixelSquid has drastically improved our workflow and ability to produce engaging and exciting environments for our clients. The Photoshop plugin integrates seamlessly with our software and allows us to create and edit our projects quickly and with ease when timelines are tight. Their ever-growing library of high quality models provides a huge selection of objects that give our renderings a polish that would have otherwise taken significantly more time. I cannot speak highly enough about their customer service. Since day one, the team at PixelSquid has worked very closely with us – reaching out and keeping an open dialogue about how we use the product and how to better meet our needs – making our relationship feel more like a partnership.

With a library of isolated, spinnable stock content, PixelSquid offers a new way to work interactively with 3D content. Take advantage of spinnable 3D content without needing to use 3D tools. Position and spin the content against your background with our free Photoshop plug-in. Download PNGs or 2K PSD files with multiple layers for fine tuning.

Thanks, Mosaic, for the awesome work (and the nice words). Check out and see if our content can help you on your journey to be a rock star.

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