Learning New Skills as a Designer

Learning With PixelSquid

Since our launch we’ve loved seeing how helpful PixelSquid has been as a design tool for artists at every experience level. The ability to quickly add 3d objects to designs has helped increase productivity and improve the workflow of many designers using PixelSquid. We understand how important it is to always be learning new tools and skills, which is why we’re big fans of Learn Squared.

What Is Learn Squared?

Learn Squared is a new form of art education founded by Maciej Kuciara, Ash Thorp, Anthony Jones and Andrew Hawryluk. Their goal is to not only teach innovative techniques but to also demonstrate how they learn and pick up new skills. Individually this talented group of designers have worked on projects for movies like Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future Past and games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

One of our internal designers was actually taking a Learn Squared course with Ash, and was able to get him to take a look at PixelSquid. When we heard that Ash was sharing it with other members of Learn Squared, and that they were huge fans of what it could do, we knew we wanted to see what these amazing designers could create. The Learn Squared team invited us to join one of their live stream classes so we could discuss the power of PixelSquid with the instructors and their students. The results were incredible – you can view the full course below:

“It’s not about how quickly you do it, it’s about how controlled and efficiently you do it. Let’s say a director says, “Oh can you change the angle of this ship?” I just know just by using PixelSquid I can do it straight away.”

Jama Jurabaev, Designer

Learn Squared + PixelSquid

Since Learn Squared has been including PixelSquid in their tutorials, we’ve partnered with them to offer a free 3-month trial to anyone who signs up for a new Learn Squared course. The deal expires on Midnight CST on March 8th, so head over to Learn Squared to sign up.


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