Midi Matilda Just A Game Album Cover

Music Video Production with Midi Matilda and PixelSquid

PixelSquid works with so many different art forms and workflows, so we were excited to see that PixelSquid objects were being featured in the official music video for “Feel Like That” by Midi Matilda. We got a chance to talk with the band about their new album Just A Game and how they balance audio and video music production.

PixelSquid: So happy to get to speak with you both today! Would you please introduce yourselves and explain your roles in Midi Matilda?

Midi Matilda: My name is Logan Grimé and I am here with Skyler Kilborn, greetings. We both produce tracks together and Skyler sings the songs.

PS: You recently released a new album Just A Game, along with a music video for “Feel Like That.” Can you tell us a bit what it’s like making music during quarantine? Any particular challenges?

MM: Aside from social distancing and an increased attention to sanitization, without places open and things for us to do, quarantine has mostly focused us further into our work. We have done our best to make the most of the situation!

"Just Like That" Music Video Clip

“Feel Like That” Official Music Video featuring PixelSquid Bongos, Slot Machine Symbols, and Break Dance Skeleton.

PS: We are simply blown away that Midi Matilda makes their own music videos! It seems rather daunting to produce both audio and video almost simultaneously. How is the workload distributed amongst your team?

MM: Logan and I both make music from our home studios, as well as together. Once there is an idea, I will write a song for it. The process of making music has become very second nature to us, but as far as making videos, yes you are right– it is a very daunting process. Essentially, there is no easy answer. We lock ourselves in a room and spend days if not weeks working/shooting/whatever until it’s ready. There is no other way.

PS: For your latest music video “Feel Like That,” you used a ton of PixelSquid objects. Can you explain a bit about your workflow and how PixelSquid fits into your pipeline?

MM: With this video Skyler and I wanted to do something unique to utilize the tools available to us to create art while in quarantine. PixelSquid was essential in allowing us to tell a story, and helped us move quickly on our ideas without sacrificing quality. We were able to utilize all of the angles and create fully 3D animation easily and searching through the library of objects gave us further inspiration on what the story could be, in particular our favorite character; the penguin.

PixelSquid Penguin Featured in "Feel Like That" Music Video Clip

“Feel Like That” Official Music Video featuring PixelSquid Low Poly Penguins.

PS: Why did you decide to use PixelSquid objects instead of 3D models or stock images from a different site?

MM: Honestly, it was more affordable and gave us plenty of great options. Also neither of us are proper animators so it made out lives much easier.

PS: How many music videos do you normally make per album? Can we expect another video from Just A Game?

MM: We try to make as many as we can. If we had the time we would make one for every song. There will definitely be one for “Just A Game” [the album’s title track], and it very well may feature some more PixelSquid goodness.

"Just Like That" Music Video Clip

“Feel Like That” Official Music Video featuring PixelSquid Planets and Flying Saucer.

PS: Do you ever use true 3D modeling in your music video creation? How does using PixelSquid objects compare to a 3D model workflow?

MM: No, neither of us is an animator, but we know many. We are certainly branching further into that world.

PS: We know you just released an album, but are you working on anything new yet?

MM: Oh yes, we are always working on the next thing!

Our years of contemplation and preparation have not been in vain. With our vision now manifest, we proudly present to you a body of work we call Just A Game. These songs were written in a deep isolation. This allowed for us, and for our team, to remain highly focused and stay very “weird.”

We ordered many pizzas and sugar treats to our tech mansion to maintain moral and peak nutrition for our technicians (no techs were seriously harmed during the making of this EP). We take great pleasure and pride in sharing our E.P. with you our many followers. We are Midi Matilda, this is Just A Game.

Will you stand with us?  https://lnk.to/justagame

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