ZroForm at Borderlands by TechHunter Magazine

PixelSquid Meets Fine Art

This summer, artist (and PixelSquid Instagram favorite) Ilya Pyatygorskyy was invited to create an original art piece to display at the Borderlands exhibition in Munich by organizers at TechHunter Magazine.

“The theme was The Future of Outdoors, and that sparked my interest,” said Pyatygorskyy.

“Most, if not all, of my art depicts a possible future world in which humanity could live in combination with my imagination. [My pieces] are based on thousands of hours of consuming information from several different experts in a whole array of different subjects. So naturally, The Future of Outdoors theme caught my interest,” Pyatygorskyy went on to clarify.

The piece is called “Future Mountain Project,” and it portrays a high-tech geological explorer with their drone that helps to source and scan for unknown materials and other objects.

When asked what inspired “Future Mountain Project”, Pyatygorskyy said, “I had been curious about the works and research materials from Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. Randall Carlson specifically is a master builder, architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and a renegade scholar. I believe his work has influenced this piece the most.”

“In terms of character design, I usually take actual photographs of myself or another model. I also put together the outfits and build the base of quite a few helmets myself. PixelSquid has played a huge role in my art. I use PixelSquid assets to enhance my character designs and the environment where the character is, to depict different stories I want to share.”

Future Mountain Project by Ilya Pyatygorskyy aka ZROForm

Ilya Pyatygorskyy, an artist who is inspired by technology and the future of humanity. Born during the fall of the Soviet Union, he later moved to Europe, and he has always been interested in many different artforms. Most of his art pieces are a combination of several different disciplines such as photography, building props and outfit styling. He often uses the Adobe Suite & other software to keep up with the times and to look to the future. You can follow his work on Instagram and Artstation.

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  1. The vision created had me feeling as if i was close to the wormhole in Stargate but without the gate proper. I felt as if i was ready to step over into a new life with new eyes to see earths potential and not its faults. After all i feel we ( humans) are the problem and could be phased out or perhaps reshaped in some way to protect and revere our beautiful world. Allowing places like Chernobyl and Pripyat devastated by the nuclear disaster in 86 to cleanse themselves. If only we could build organically on this picture and allow time to heal………..
    The darkness is coated with light from metallic sheen on every surface. Wave after wave of rippling new life as in the pulsating black gunge from “Prometheus” , and yet it seemed so normal and natural. The world of space is only in my head for i shall never see it in reality. This picture encapsulates the idea and gives it meaning without the hassle of earthly baggage. I like the way in which the elements flow together without blurring the lifeform. Using dronelike technology as the transmitter is just perfect. I am a colour person and often shy away from the monochromatic worlds of B&W photography. I do see here hints of pale peach with blues of pewter and dark crevices of gunmetal greys before black engulfs. The reason i read this article was because it was from pixelsquid.
    Thank you for sharing your vision with those of us who believe our world needs to evolve before it can go forward.
    This has given me a lot to think about.

    Peace and Respect
    Amanda R

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