Ron presents at Chimirus Demo night

PixelSquid Partners with Chimirus on Professional Digital Arts Demo Night

PixelSquid recently partnered with Chimirus, a professional digital arts training and coaching organization, to bring the people of Chicago a sold out evening of demonstrations in advanced Photoshop design techniques.

Our own in-house Designer Ron Domingue was invited to demonstrate how PixelSquid can quickly import 3D stock imagery that can be fully rotated to fit your design needs, allowing you to create high-quality digital illustrations and concept art— fast!

“Chimirus is really an innovative group of professionals that was very excited about the professional possibilities that PixelSquid could provide to their community of creatives and designers,” said Ron.

In their live demo for the class, Ron and artist Dave Pasciuto created fantastical imagery using the industry’s latest techniques that have been used in designs for ad campaigns and video game concept art.

If you live in the Chicago area, you can check out upcoming Chimirus Digital Arts training events on

You can check out Ron Domingue’s personal portfolio at and read his own PixelSquid tutorial, Combining KitBash3D, OctaneRender, and PixelSquid to Create War of the Worlds, on the PixelSquid blog.