RoyaleWithCheese by Kevin Wilson

PixelSquid Spotted in the Wild

We’re always excited to share the incredibly creative ways artists incorporate PixelSquid into their workflows. One such artist, Kevin M. Wilson, is a UK based illustrator working primarily in the entertainment industry and the collectible screen-printed poster market. He’s found that PixelSquid is particularly useful in adding quick details to his designs.

In the Pulp Fiction inspired silk-screen print, Royale with Cheese, Kevin incorporated a ton of PixelSquid objects into his final design. We spotted several items like the cat clock and banjo up on the wall, the power drill and camera in the display case, a couple of vintage tv sets on the second and fourth shelves along the wall, and several more. Even the katana that Butch is holding is a PixelSquid object!

We commend Kevin for his excellent composition skills! If you’d like to see more of Kevin’s work, check out his website Ape Meets Girl.

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