PixelSquid Catalog Now Contains Over 40,000 Objects

The PixelSquid library is always growing, with more and more new objects being published to our catalog every week. Today, the PixelSquid Team is proud to announce that we’ve hit a big milestone: our catalog now contains over 40,000 objects ready to be added to your designs.

To our customers who’ve been with us throughout these years, THANK YOU for all your support and love for PixelSquid! Because of your support for our contributors’ hard work, we’ve been able to provide a catalog that offers all 40,000+ models for the same affordable price.

“PixelSquid has played a huge role in my art. I use PixelSquid assets to enhance my character designs and the environment where the character is, to depict different stories I want to share.”
–Artist & PixelSquid user Ilya Pyatygorskyy

Our catalog isn’t the only thing growing! PixelSquid continues to gain popularity in Photoshop communities and among all forms of professional and hobbyist workflows, often becoming a crucial part of the design process.

Adobe community all-stars like Lisa Carney and Paul Trani have highlighted their use of PixelSquid, and other widely-known photo compositors like Justin Main (@photified), Shaun Ryken (@shaunryken), and Ramon Laguia (@ramonlaasc) are also avid PixelSquid users.

We’re honored that our users keep sharing their PixelSquid work with us and our team is always thrilled to see the amazing images you all create. To those of you who are new to the site, we’d like to thank you for visiting us as well. If you’re curious and haven’t fully explored PixelSquid yet, our plug-in is absolutely free, and we have just over a hundred free objects for you to experiment and play with.

Thanks again for helping us reach our new milestone, and happy creating!
–The PixelSquid Team